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Apple Looking to Bolster Product Security Amidst Lost iPhone Rumors



Apple is in a tough spot. The company makes some of the most anticipated consumer electronics devices, which means on occasion some of them will go missing.

Most famously, Apple lost the iPhone 4 last year, may or may not have lost the iPhone 5 this year, and is currently trying to track down a prototype MacBook Pro with integrated 3G connectivity.

However you look at it, Apple has a problem, It seems that Tim Cook has taken notice and tasked Apple with finding a way to keep their unreleased products under lock and key.

Here’s a look at who Apple wants to protect the Apple products you and I would love to see before the official announcement.

The candidate will be responsible for overseeing the protection of, and managing risks to, Apple’s unreleased products and related intellectual property.

Simultaneously working with multiple constituencies, balancing disparate priorities, problem solving in high-demand situations, defining and establishing attainable measures of success, and regularly achieving positive outcomes in large-scale business environments.

Accurately assessing physical and logical security implementations and making actionable risk management recommendations that consider impact on corporate culture, business operations, system architectures, manufacturing processes, and employee workflows.

Formulating, and successfully implementing, a variety of security technologies utilizing industry-recommended practices and/or risk frameworks.

Building and maintaining trusted relationships with internal and external business partners.

Mitigating risks associated with multi-tiered electronics supply chain.

Essentially, Apple is sick of lost iPhone 5’s leaked parts and wants to make the typically tight ship even tighter. If you think you have what it takes to protect the next iPhone and MacBooks, head over to the Apple Jobs board to apply. Don’t forget who told you about the job when you’re carrying a briefcase containing the iPhone 7.

Via 9to5Mac


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