Apple Making it Easier to Find Awesome Apps with Chomp
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Apple Making it Easier to Find Awesome Apps with Chomp



Apple is closing in on 25 billion downloaded apps with a total of more than 500,000 apps in the App Store, but there are still some problems in the iOS App Store. The biggest problem? Discovery. However, it seems Apple will be attempting to fix that problem with its acquisition of Chomp.

Chomp is a service that makes it easier to find apps you’re looking for. You can use it to search for apps based on keywords, instead of just the name of the app like you usually need to do with the App Store. There’s also a Chomp app which will help you find apps you might like based on the apps you already love.


Apple has acquired Chomp, presumably to make search and Genius better in the App Store.

Simply put, the current version of Genius for the App Store just isn’t very good. The Chomp team will hopefully fix that, making it easier to find apps that you haven’t heard of before that you might like. It could mean that hidden gems find more users.

Out of the more than 500,000 apps in the App Store there have to be a few that nobody’s heard of before that are just fantastic.

The acquisition would likely mean that Chomp’s partnership with Verizon, which powers its Android app search feature, won’t be renewed. Or it could just end abruptly. As with other Apple acquisitions, it would also make sense if the Chomp apps just disappear whenever the team’s work gets pushed tot he App Store. Sort of like what happened to the Siri app when the iPhone 4S was launched.

This is great news for iOS users who want a better way to discover new apps, but bad news for Android users.

The Chomp app for Android will likely be gone sometime soon.

If you’re using Android you might want get it while you still can and hope it doesn’t lose all of its functionality whenever the app leaves the Android Market.

Via: TechCrunch



  1. digital electronic

    02/28/2012 at 8:55 pm

    Definitely bad news for us, Android users.

  2. John George

    03/01/2012 at 3:45 am

    It’s a great news for the iPhone users that Apple have acquired Chomp.

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