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Apple Test Takes iPad Chip Production Away From Samsung, Out of U.S.



Apple will soon use Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company for its iPhone and iPad processors according to an AFP report.

TSMC will first produce a trial run of A6X processors for the current iPad fourth generation in the first quarter of 2013. Apple may use TSMC more for its processors if the trial run is successful. The Taiwanese company may become to main manufacturer of processors for Apple, or at least one of the major manufacturers.

Apple currently uses Samsung to create its ARM processors for iOS devices. It seems Apple wants to move away from relying on Samsung for its parts, however.ipad4

Apple and Samsung are currently involved in a number of legal disputes across the globe. In the recent U.S. case the court found that Samsung infringed several Apple patents. The court ordered Samsung to pay $1.05 billion to Apple for its infringing devices. Samsung appealed that case, so the decision and amount of money owed could change.

Samsung technically breaks each part of its company into smaller companies so Samsung Electronics, which handles much of the manufacturing of chips such as processors, is not the same company of Samsung Mobile. It seems that doesn’t matter much to Apple, however, as this move to TMSC shows the company seems to want to leave Samsung partnerships behind.

For users the change in processor manufacturers shouldn’t change anything. TMSC will use the same plans for building Apple’s processors as Samsung, and the chips should perform similarly no matter which factory they come out of.

If there’s any downside for U.S. Apple fans it’s that Samsung builds its processors for iOS devices in the U.S. The factories for the chips are in Texas. Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company doesn’t have the same factories in the U.S., which means that could be one less iOS device part that’s made in the U.S.

Apple is working to build more devices in the U.S., and the current rumor is that it will build new Mac minis in its home country.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Chais

    01/02/2013 at 8:58 am

    Well sucks jobs are leaving the US. But on a good note. I am a CNC machinist. We manufacture all kinds of parts that the customers asks for. I am noticing a lot of jobs that were out sourced to china are coming back to the US. A major part in that is because china’s growing middle class. It’s my understanding, for as long as anyone can remember, there was never a middle class in china. But with all the work china does now its creating a middle class. In other words, china workers are pushing the pay rate up. Now the cost for china to make our parts is costing almost the same if not more to manufacture here in the states. Doesn’t make sense to outsource any more. Hopefully it keeps going this way. America needs it!

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