Apple Netbook Speculation Heats Up

We must be getting close to MacWorld. Speculation that Apple is working on a Netbook is heating up. (Remember the good old days when this speculation centered on Apple created a Tablet?) As usual much of this speculation comes from analysts who look at numbers, market conditions, trends, and other data, and then toss a dart at their computer screen.

AppleInsider is fueling the latest round of speculation, reporting that Analyst Ezra Gottheil feels like Apple no longer has the luxury of staying out of the Netbook market due to larger economic concerns and the rise of Netbook popularity. I don’t think I buy the reasoning, but hey, you never know. Gottheil pulls a price point of $599 out of the air thinking that that level might set Apple apart and continuing in its tradition of selling its wares at a premium.

Will it happen? Maybe yes, maybe no. One thing is certain. More speculation will follow.