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Apple Partner Hints at Fall iPhone 6 Release



The iPhone 6 release is likely to skip summer for the fall, based on statements from the CEO of GT Advanced Technologies, the company that entered an agreement to supply Apple with Sapphire products late last year.

iPhone 6 release date rumors focus on summer or fall, with June and September making repeat appearances from many sources, but there is enough variance in the rumors that leaks remain inconclusive.

Apple released the last three iPhone models in the fall, and based on a new statement from the company that may make a iPhone 6 Sapphire screen cover, the iPhone is coming in the fall again. In the latest earnings release, Tom Gutierrez, president and CEO shares a statement and information that hint at an iPhone 6 release this fall.

The iPhone 6 release date may come in the fall based on a new earnings report.

The iPhone 6 release date may come in the fall based on a new earnings report.

First off, Gutierrez states, “We expect to return to profitability during the second half of 2014.” This statement does not specifically mention Apple, but Gutierrez is quick to discuss Apple and the Arizona plant where we expect iPhone 6 Sapphire display covers will originate, saying, “Our arrangement to supply sapphire materials to Apple is progressing well and we started to build out the facility in Arizona and staff the operation during the quarter.”

While sharing the business outlook with investors, GT Advanced Technologies narrows in further to discuss the Sapphire business picking up in the second half of the year.

“The company expects that revenue and profitability will be back end loaded, with its sapphire materials business ramping as the year progresses, and with improving financial performance during the second half of 2014.”

This is as close as we’ll get to an official indication of the iPhone 6 release date until Apple steps on stage to announce a new product. There is always a chance that some accounting magic would result in profits that arrive in the second half of the year with a summer iPhone 6 release, but it seems more likely that Apple is aiming for fall.

Apple’s biggest competitor, Samsung, just announced the Galaxy S5 with a release date in April. This allows Samsung to compete with an older iPhone 5s until the iPhone 6 release date arrives.

iPhone 6 rumors include talk of two iPhone models with larger screens. The screen sizes vary, but focus on a 4.5 to 4.7-inch model and on an iPhone 6 with a 5.5-inch display. The latest rumors also point to an improved camera and a new Apple A8 processor. Apple typically uses the same iPhone design for two years, which combined with talk of a larger screen gives hope for an all new iPhone 6 design in 2014.

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