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Apple Prepping FaceTime HD Camera for iPhone 5?



To go along with a thinner iPhone 5, it appears that Apple might be attaching a better, high-definition FaceTime camera to the next iPhone as well.

This new claim comes from KGI analyst Mingchi Kuo, courtesy of AppleInsider, who told investors this week that the iPhone 5 will have a front-facing camera that can produce high-definition resolution.

The camera on Apple’s current iPhone, the iPhone 4S, is only VGA in quality.

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Kuo also believes that Apple will shift the front-facing camera from the corner of the iPhone to the very middle of the phone. It’s his belief that this will work nicely with the 4-inch display that Apple’s next iPhone is supposed to employ.

He also stated that he expects Apple to keep an 8-megapixel rear camera but that Apple will improve the aperture range which supposedly will go up to f/2.2.

As it stands, the iPhone 4S has a f/2.4 aperture range.

Kuo believes that the rear camera sensor on the iPhone 5 will be thinner thus allowing Apple to construct a thinner iPhone than the iPhone 4S.

He also thinks that the iPhone 5 will measure in at 7.9mm or less.

Of course, these join a plethora of iPhone 5 rumors that have sprouted up over the last few months. Apple is currently expected to introduce an iPhone with a 4-inch display, which if true, will be larger than the 3.5-inch iPhones that Apple has released in the past.

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Kuo expects Apple to be able to push 65-70 million iPhones in 2012 due to the increase in screen size.

Apple’s next iPhone is also rumored to feature 4G LTE data speeds, iOS 6 and a release date that should occur sometime during the fall of this year.

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