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Apple Prepping iOS 5.0.1 To Fix iPhone 4S Battery Woes, iPad Security and Gestures



Apple has heard the complaints of iPhone 4S users, and is preparing a solution to the battery life woes that had befuddled engineers.

Yesterday, Apple sent out a beta of the next iOS 5 update to developers. This new version of iOS 5 is not a major update like the release from last month, which required you to plug in to your computer and wrestle with Apple to update.

Unlike every other iPhone or iPad update you have done, iOS 5.0.1 should be available to download right to your advice over WiFi. This is one of the benefits of iOS 5, and may lead to more frequent, smaller and focused updates like this.

apple ios 5 0 1 beta

iOS 5.0.1 Should Fix iPhone 4S Battery Life Issues.

The iOS 5.0.1 update will reportedly address 3 major iOS 5 issues.

The update is in the hands of developers right now, where it will be tested to see how it handles on a larger scale. These updates don’t normally need to be tested for as long as the iOS 5 update that was tested for several months.

In the past, Apple has been known to turn around smaller updates like this in as little as a week, though that was to patch a jailbreak attempt. With the iPhone 4S jailbreak finally accomplished in private, let’s hope this fix doesn’t contain a jailbreak fix as well.

When the update is ready, you will likely get a notification on your iPhone or iPad, telling you that you can download the new version.

We’ll let you know more as soon as we have the details. Until then, turning off the Time Zone Setting appears to fix the iPhone 4S battery life for many users.

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  1. Primetime125

    11/03/2011 at 7:59 pm

    This new update better not simply turn off the time zone settings behind the scenes. Because if the battery life is still the same as me having my time zone settings off manually, then thats a huge fail. I expect to have all my settings the way I want them, time zone settings on if I want, and I expect this new 5.0.1 to not only solve the battery drain but to actually improve it, even with all the settings, locations servicesand everything on, the way an iPhone is supposed to be. Get it right apple. And get it done fast. Really fast.

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