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Apple Q2 2013 Earnings: ‘Amazing’ Products Planned for 2013



The Apple Q2 2013 earnings are now available with Apple reporting a $9.5 billion net profit thanks in part to 37.4 million iPhones and 19.5 million iPads sold.

Tim Cook boasts there are “amazing new hardware, software, and services” on the way.

Despite the good year-over-year numbers, iPad and iPhone sales are down from the holiday season. iPhone sales are down 22% and iPad sales are down 15% after the busy holiday season.

The iPod touch did not fare well in early 2013 with a 56% decrease in units sold after the holiday season. The iPod sales are also down 27% year over year, possibly due to more users moving to smartphones. Mac sales are down slightly from Q1 2013 and Year-over year.

The iPhone, iPad 4 and iPad mini drove Apple to big Year-Over-Year gains.

The iPhone, iPad 4 and iPad mini drove Apple to big Year-Over-Year gains.

Even with the lower than holiday sales numbers, Apple sales are helped by the late 2012 iPad launch selling 7.76 million more iPads in the Q2 2013. This is without a new iPad hitting store shelves. In 2012, consumers were eagerly anticipating a new iPad as Apple wrapped up Q2, which is one reason sales numbers dip.

AAPL stock is up $7.46 in after hours trading based on the Apple Q2 earnings release.

Tim Cook addressed the barren Spring product lineup, telling investors,

Our teams are hard at work on some amazing new hardware, software, and services and we are very excited about the products in our pipeline.

Cook did not address any specific products or timelines, though analysts are sure to ask during the Apple Q2 2013 earnings call which starts soon.

Apple’s 2013 Products and Services (Rumored)

Consumers are still waiting for the iPad 5, Apple’s fifth generation iPad, but rumors indicate it may not arrive until later this year. Analysts also estimate the iPad mini 2 will arrive in late summer or early fall, but could fall as late as November according to one source.

One of these new products is the iPhone 5S. Consumers and pundits alike expect the next iPhone sometime after June 2013. Rumors peg the iPhone 5S as similar in appearance to the iPhone 5. Speculation suggests Apple is planning a fingerprint reader and NFC for a mobile payments app, a better camera and a new processor.

iPad 5 ipad mini 2

The iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 could join the iPhone 5S later this year. Concept by Martin Hajek

There is also talk about Apple launching a music service which is often called iRadio later this year. This service may be tied into iOS 7. Apple is expected to announce iOS 7, a new version of the iPhone and iPad software at WWDC 2013. The company is reportedly facing delays thanks to a massive overhaul of the user experience, but estimates point to a WWDC 2013 date in early June.

Analysts are also talking about an iPhone 5S with a Galaxy Note 2 sized display option and about an iPhone 6. Two analysts claim the iPhone 6 will not arrive in 2013, which is not much of a surprise given Apple’s preference to announce one major iPhone model a year.

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