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Apple Recruiting Video Gives Behind the Scenes Tour of Apple HQ



Apple headquarters in Cupertino may not be ensconced in a moat and hidden force field, but it still promises tantalizing secrets tucked behind the only Apple Store that sells Apple branded gear.

Just feet away Apple engineering teams are working on the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and other announced Apple projects. These teams may be hands on with the same iPhone 5 engineering samples we published yesterday.

If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like to go behind the scenes at Apple headquarters definitely check out the new Apple corporate recruiting tool posted by 9to5Mac.

From the small team work rooms to engineering labs and a mysterious room with product shots pinned to the wall this is the closest many of us will get to peeling back the curtain to Apple’s inner workings.

If you look closely around the minute mark, pause and squint, you might just see what some are claiming is a rendering or photo of a larger un-announced iPhone. If frame-by-frame vide watching isn’t something you enjoy, check out our screengrab from the video.

iPhone 5 in recruiter video

Is that a larger iPhone 5 pinned to the wall at Apple HQ?

The image above shows the 59 second mark of the Apple recruiter video with what looks like a bigger iPhone just to the right of an employee’s hand.

It’s highly unlikely that the secret-keepers at Apple would allow a product to slip out in a corporate recruiting video, but even if this isn’t a new iPhone the video is an interesting watch for anyone who wants to take a peak into the corporate culture inside a company on the way to become the most profitable company ever.


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