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Apple Replacing New iPads with WiFi Problems



Apple is investigating complaints of poor WiFi performance on the new iPad.

New iPad owners who cannot connect to WiFi, experience slow connections or lose connections can take the iPad to an Apple store to get a replacement.

9to5Mac shares an internal AppleCare document detailing the problem. Apple employees are to “capture” the new iPad devices with WiFi issues so that engineers can investigate the problem.

New iPad WiFi IssuesNew iPad users have complained about poor WiFi performance on Apple support forums and social networks shortly after the new iPad launched on March 16th.

Warner Crocker complained of poor WiFi performance in his new iPad review, noting slow connection times and a smaller range.

 I have noticed that the WiFi radio on the new iPad is not as efficient in picking up a signal at my house or in my office as the previous one. It will connect readily enough, but not as quickly. I seem to have lost some range as I approach the extremes of the networks I use.

Adam Mills was able to fix poor iPad WiFi strength on his iPad with this quick new iPad WiFi fix.

Apple is replacing any new iPad WiFi model that shows issues with WiFi, so owners would be wise to skip the fix and go straight to an Apple store for a new model. New iPad WiFi issues include,

  • Intermittent connectivity
  • Slow Wi-Fi speeds
  • Wi-Fi network not seen

New iPad owners with other WiFi problems can also ask apple for a replacement under this program. New iPad 4G LTE models are not included in this “capture” order.

Apple engineers will study and test the “captured” iPads to find the cause of poor WiFi performance. Apple will then address the issue at the factory or with a software update.

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