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Apple Selling Discounted iPhone 5 in Stores While Supplies Last



While Apple replaced the iPhone 5 with the iPhone 5c, the company inevitably still has inventory that they need to sell off of the older-generation phone, so it’s selling the iPhone 5 at a big discount in stores while supplies last, according to iLounge. Much like many retailers, Apple is selling the iPhone 5 for $99 after signing a new two-year contract, or $549 off-contract.

We detailed yesterday how you can save a ton of money by getting the iPhone 5 instead of the iPhone 5s. While the newer model comes with a handful of new features, those who are frugal enough to sacrifice those new features in order to save a bit of cash will be able to pick up a discounted iPhone 5 for as little as $99 at most carriers and retail stores.

As with the 16GB model, the 32GB and 64GB flavors will see discounts as well, priced at $199 and $299, respectively. Those who aren’t too fond of contracts will also be able to take advantage of the discount, with all three sizes of the iPhone 5 costing $549, $649 and $749, respectively.

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iPhone 5S pre-orders Sept 13

These prices are for brand-new iPhone 5 units — not refurbished. Depending on how quickly these get gobbled up by consumers, they could be sold out within just a week or two, so if you want to buy an iPhone 5 directly from the source, now is the best time to do so. However, it’s possible that the company could sell refurbished units sometime in the future for even lower prices, but Apple currently doesn’t sell iPhones in its refurbished store.

Sadly, you won’t be able to buy the iPhone 5 online anymore, as Apple is only selling the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and the older iPhone 4s. The iPhone 4s is free on-contract, while the off-contract price is at a low $450 on Apple’s website. The iPhone 5’s replacement, the iPhone 5c, will cost the same as the iPhone 5, but it comes with a new plastic outer shell that comes in a variety of colors, as well as sporting a slightly better camera.

The discontinuation of the iPhone 5 is still a little mind-boggling for some, and it breaks the tradition that Apple has had since it started releasing newer versions of the iPhone, where the older model would always stick around at a lower price. Not this time, however, as Apple has shutdown the older model by introducing a new model to replace it.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. theegooch

    09/12/2013 at 9:31 am

    Don’t. Forget Craigslist as a great place to buy a user iPhone. A ton of people are dumping their current IPhone to help finance their 5s purchase. I was shocked at low prices have dropped for the 4S and 5 . It’s definitely a buyers market right now.

    Btw, a. Frugal person would never pay retail for a phone .

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