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Apple Sells 500 Millionth iPhone, Still Far Behind Samsung



After first launching the iPhone back in 2007, Apple has finally sold its 500 millionth iPhone, according to Forbes, which says that the Cupertino-based company sold an estimated 38 million iPhones for the current quarter that ends in just a few days, which puts the iPhone well over the 500 million mark based on the 472 million iPhones that were sold as of the end of 2013.

Forbes says that the 500 millionth iPhone was likely sold around March 8, and if you missed Apple’s announcement about it, that’s because the company didn’t make one.

Apple is not shy about announcing milestones, and it will no doubt announce iPhone sales during its next quarterly earnings that will likely take place next month, and we can expect the company to mention something about its 500 million milestone for the iPhone.


However, while 500 million iPhones sold may sound impressive, it’s nothing compared to what Samsung has done. While all-time smartphone sales from Samsung are hard to come by, it’s worth nothing that the Korean company sold nearly 320 million smartphones in 2013 alone, with 86 million of those units coming from just the last three months alone. This is absolutely mind-blowing compared to Apple’s 153.5 million iPhones in that same year, and 51 million iPhones sold during the fourth quarter.

Of course, Samsung has a plethora of smartphones out on the market, many of which are available in developing markets that Apple isn’t a part of. With all the variety of Samsung devices, it’s no surprise that the company sold so many smartphones in 2013, and it’s obviously well past the 500 million mark at this point — maybe even past one billion by now.

Samsung’s most successful smartphone, the Galaxy S3, sold around 60 million units in its first year of availability before quickly being overtaken by the Galaxy S4, which has sold around 40 million units since its launch. The Galaxy S5 is next up in line, and we’re curious as to how well it’ll do this year.

As for the next iPhone, which we’re guessing will be called the iPhone 6, it’ll most likely launch later in the fall and Apple will no doubt be looking to beat its quarterly sales records with the new device.

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