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Apple Sending 30 Day Notices to MobileMe Users



Apple’s MobileMe service is winding down at the end of the month, and the company is making another push to bring MobileMe subscribers over to iCloud.

According to The Verge, Apple is sending out reminders to MobileMe subscribers telling them the service only has 30 days left before the company shuts it down for good. In the email Apple offers subscribers a chance to move to iCloud or to skip iCloud and just continue using their MobileMe email after the service is shut down.

Whether users switch to iCloud or not, they’ll be losing a few features at the end of June. iCloud doesn’t offer publishing from iWeb, iDisk, or photo galleries. There are rumors that Apple will unveil some fort of photo sharing service on iCloud with iOS 6, however. iPhoto for iOS also offers a way to publish photo galleries to iCloud¬†with the Photo Journals feature.

Apple doesn’t have any alternatives to iWeb or iDisk, however. Document syncing between apps on iCloud is close, but not quite the same as it’s difficult to get the documents out of iCloud without using the website.

MobileMe subscribers that did switch over to iCloud are also receiving 30 day notices, although those notices simply tell users to get their documents, photos, and website out of MobileMe before it closes down.

Users that are switching over to iCloud have to make sure that their devices, including their desktops or laptops, are compatible. iCloud is only compatible with iOS 5, OS X Lion, the upcoming Mountain Lion, Windows 7, and Windows Vista SP2. There is no iCloud support for Window XP, which might prevent some users with older PCs from using all the features available in iCloud like Photostream. Those users will either have to upgrade their software, live with not having all the features of iCloud, or lose all features except their MobileMe email.

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