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Apple Store App Now Tells You When You Can Upgrade Your iPhone



The latest version of the Apple Store app for iPhone will tell users when they’re phone is available for an upgrade with a push notification, and help them track order shipments.

After upgrading to the new version of the Apple Store app users will find an option on the main page for upgrading their phone. After tapping on the option and inputting some account information (last four digits of your social security number and billing zip code), the app will display when the phone is available for an upgrade.


The upgrade screen gives users the option to buy a new unlocked iPhone, or let them upgrade for the full price of the phone. The app will also give the exact date when users can upgrade their iPhone and the prices they can pay for a new phone on that day.

For Verizon users who bought an iPhone 5 on release day with a new contract, that date is September 20, 2014 due to recent changes from the carrier. AT&T users also have to wait 24 months, while Sprint has no plans to move away from its 20 month upgrade cycle.

The app doesn’t offer upgrade options for T-Mobile, likely because of the carrier’s new Uncarrier plans.

Apple’s new Apple Store app also helps users track items they order through the app. After ordering an item from the app, it will offer delivery notifications which will track the package from Apple’s warehouses to the user’s front door (or wherever they have it delivered).

Both new features are great for Apple fans who want to know the moment they can upgrade their phone or who order devices and accessories from the app often. Everything else about the app is the same, it still lets users buy items inside physical Apple stores without interacting with employees, and it still goes down whenever Apple’s online store goes down.

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