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Apple Store Closes: But Don’t Get Too Excited



The Apple Store on Chestnut Street in San Francisco, California just put up black boards blocking passers by from seeing what is happening. The store is closed until October 5th, a day after Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5.

9to5Mac shares a tantalizing picture of the closed Apple Store with an AT&T truck out front and advises readers — “Don’t read too much into this picture…”

Based on a bit of research, we really suggest you don’t read too much into this picture.

Apple Store Closed iPhone 5

Is this Apple Store closed to prepare for the iPhone 5? Not likely.

Apple’s retail store locator confirms that the Chestnut Street Apple Store is, “closed September 26 – October 4. During this time please visit the Apple Store, San Francisco.”

It is normal to get excited by any hidden Apple activity in the days leading up to the iPhone 5 release date, but this mimics a similar closing at the St. James Place Apple Store in Pennsylvania, which just reopened after being closed for a week.

The reason for this Apple Store closing, which features similar black boards to prevent prying eyes was not for the iPhone 5 release, but rather renovations.

“They are doing renovations—some work to the entryway,” Mark Bachus, the shopping center’s general manager tells Patch, explaining that, “They are making some changes to the interior, and they had to move a couple of sprinkler heads, so that forces the tenant to actually close down for a period of time until they get the sprinkler back up.”

While it would be great if this was another sign of the iPhone it is far more likely that Apple is just giving the Chestnut Street store a makeover. The good news is that it should be up and running in time for you to line up for the iPhone 5.

Image Via 9to5Mac



  1. codyfunk

    09/26/2011 at 8:42 pm

    not sure.  i just walked by it, and the effort to build the barricade to hide whatever is going on must have been immense.  i doubt a drop of water could sem through the airtight borders…it’s certainly way more covert than a simple sprinkler job, and I’ve seen store renovations far more intense where the store was NOT completely shrouded in airtight black.

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