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Apple Store Down Ahead of WWDC: New MacBook Pros Inbound?



The Apple Store is down hours before Tim Cook will appear on stage at WWDC, as expected. Apple isn’t expected to announced the iPhone 5 today, though we do expect new MacBook Pros.

The new MacBook Pros will likely use Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processors, so expect faster Core i5 and Core i7 chips across the board. There are also rumors of a slimmer design for the Pro line with Retina Display resolutions.

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According to 9To5Mac, Apple might announce a spec bump for the current MacBook Pro design in addition to the thinner Retina Display models.

Without any major redesigns the new MacBook Pros will simply have faster CPUs with the same base RAM and hard drive configurations. The new laptops will ship just weeks before the expected Mountain Lion release, which we should hear more about during the presentation in a few hours.

Previous rumors said Apple will release new models of almost every Mac in the lineup, including the MacBook Air. The new MacBook Airs, like the rumored MacBook Pros, will have Retina Display screens with the latest Intel Core CPUs. We haven’t heard anything new about the Air line before the event, but with all the new ultrabooks using Intel’s latest chips, we expect at least a spec bump for the line.

We’ll find out which rumors are true in Cook’s presentation later today. It’s only a short wait compared to the weeks of hype building up to the start of WWDC.

Just to reiterate: don’t expect any information on the iPhone 5, the closest we’ll get to the next iPhone today is the iOS 6 announcement.

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