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Apple Store Down: New MacBook, MacBook Air and Mac Minis Expected



The Apple Store is down this morning, which is a good sign that we will soon see OS X Lion available in the Mac App Store, a new MacBook Air, new white MacBook and even a Mac Mini upgrade.

Apple Store Down

The Apple Store is closed while new products are added.

Apple normally closes the online store to prepare for the launch of new products and all the signs point to the launch of several Mac notebooks, Mac hardware and OS X Lion.

We have heard numerous rumors that today Apple will launch new MacBook Air models with Intel Core i Sandy Bridge mobile processors, Thunderbolt ports, FaceTime HD webcams and possibly even backlit keyboards. The new MacBook Air notebooks should have the same $999 starting price for the 11″ and $1,299 for the 13″. We don’t expect to see a black MacBook Air or any major bumps in storage at this point.

Another expected update is the aging white MacBook, which hasn’t seen an update in over 400 days. Look for similar upgrades to internal specs, like a new Sandy Bridge processor and the inclusion of a Thunderbolt port.

While there had been rumors of a new Mac Pro, recent news points to a new Mac Mini with a faster Core i processor arriving as part of the Apple updates today.

All of these hardware updates have been timed with the launch of OS X Lion. Apple’s latest operating system will come preloaded on new Apple hardware starting today, and can be purchased in the Mac App Store for $29.99. You need at least 4GB of disk space to download the OS X Lion upgrade. If you plan to upgrade to Lion, be sure to read our How to Get Your Mac Ready for OS X Lion article on

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