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Apple Stores Will Reportedly Offer iPhone 5s Screen Replacements



Apple will soon offer in-store screen replacements and other repairs for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, according to 9to5Mac. This apparently is an effort to reduce the number of broken units that Apple fully replaces. Instead, Apple technicians will do an on-site repair so that they don’t have to give customers an entirely new phone when they come in.

The screen replacements will supposedly cost $149 for those not on AppleCare+, and $79 for those who are, which may sound expensive, but it’s far less than what it would cost to completely replace a broken handset, considering that the iPhone 5s starts at $650, with the iPhone 5c starting at $550.

In addition to screen replacements, Apple is also said to be providing the ability to replace the volume buttons, vibrating motor, power button, rear-camera, and the speaker on both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Apple Stores will also be able to replace the Home button on the iPhone 5c for an alleged $29, but as for the Touch ID-based Home button on the iPhone 5s, it seems Apple Stores won’t be able to do that on-site.

iPhone 5s in stock text alert

Of course, if you’re phone is still under AppleCare warranty, these repairs and replacements will be free, but if your iPhone isn’t under warranty, you’ll have to pay up for the repairs yourself, but the prices aren’t too bad, especially since you can save yourself some big bucks by getting the screen replaced rather than dishing out more money for an all-new device, and you’ll save yourself time by not having to restore all of your apps and data back on the new iPhone.

Back in June, Apple began offering on-site screen replacements for the iPhone 5 for $149, which was long after the iPhone 5 initially launched. It’s not said when we’ll see in-store iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c repairs launch, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see them show up at Apple Stores soon, especially since the holiday shopping season is almost here and millions of teenagers will be getting shiny new iPhones and will most likely drop them, but Apple Stores will hopefully be there in time to save the day.

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