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Apple Sues Samsung Over Galaxy Line of Tablets and Phones



It’s a competitive world alright when it comes to mobile gadgets. So much so that it seems the players aren’t content to duke it out in the marketplace, they feel this machismo urge to do so in court. It seems like everybody is suing everybody over some patent or IP or something or the other. Apple added another paycheck to the lawyers for itself and Samsung on Friday afternoon by filing suit against Samsung for essentially copying the look and feel of the iPhone and the iPad.

To be fair, in order to maintain a patent or a trademark the law requires you to vigorously defend it when you perceive someone might be infringing. Also to be maybe fair, when it comes to look and feel, tell me really and truly, when you get past the differences in OS, how many consumers can really tell the difference?  Given that this suit deals with everything from core technology, to look and feel, to the shape of the devices.

Also keep in mind, Samsung is an Apple supplier.

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  1. ethibault

    04/19/2011 at 8:46 am

    thats is the sign samsung is becoming dangerous to apple on thus on the right track !
    the implicit message is go on Samsung you are on the right track !

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