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Apple to Launch Both iPhone 5 and ‘iPhone 4 Plus’?



According to a JP Morgan’s Mark Moskowitz, Apple will be releasing both the iPhone 5 and another model he has deemed, the iPhone 4 Plus. His conclusions are based on “research” and point to an iPhone 5 sans 4G LTE support and an iPhone 4 that has been retooled with some improvements that will take over for the iPhone 3GS as Apple’s budget phone.

He claims that the iPhone 5 will have support for both GSM and CDMA, will be a world phone, and that it will have a thinner and lighter form factor than Apple’s iPhone 4. None of those claims are new and this isn’t the first time that we’ve heard talk of two new iPhones launching this year. However, it’s the first time that we’ve heard the name iPhone 4 Plus used when referring to the oft-rumored iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4

We’ve also heard that Apple might be gearing up to launch an 8GB iPhone 4.

Moskowitz didn’t elaborate on what the improvements of the iPhone 4 Plus might be, but if we had to guess, a new antenna would surely be the feature to bet on.

The next version of the iPhone is widely expected to launch at some point in early-to-mid October and it looks like it may have some company when it does finally hit shelves around the world.

Via: Barron’s


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