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Apple To Unveil New Lightning Cables Today



Apple will unveil a number of new Lightning cables and adapters today including an SD card reader and a VGA connection according to a 9To5Mac report.

The leaked document that 9To5Mac shares, shows that Apple will announce four new Lightning cables today. The first two will help users connect their iOS devices to cameras. There’s the Lightning to SD card reader and Lightning to USB camera adapter. Previously Apple offered both cables in the Camera Connection Kit for older iOS devices, but the listing here says the cables will cost $29 each.

Apple will also announce two new video-out cables today according to the listing. The first cable is a Lightning to VGA adapter which is useful for connecting to most projectors for presentations. The second cable is a Lightning to digital AV cabled which is useful in connecting the iPad to an HDTV for video and audio output. Both of those cables will cost $49 each.

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new Apple Lightning cables

The leaked document also shows two other accessories. The first is a 12W USB wall adapter for $19. This is likely the new iPad wall charger. The new adapter is 12W compared to the 10W charger Apple previously offered. The increased wattage should charge the iPad faster, which is a common complaint with the new iPad.

The last accessory isn’t for an iPad, but for a MacBook Pro. The last accessory is a 60W MadSafe 2 power adapter that’s likely meant for the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

With the new Lightning cables Apple is slowly rebuilding its cable ecosystem for the new Lightning adapter. Not every user needs all the cables Apple offers, but many serve very useful purposes for specific users.

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