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Apple Touch Tablet Rumors Still Perking



We’ve been speculating on this merely as speculaton the last few days, based primarily on observations that Rob and I have seen, and in Rob’s case experienced. Others it seems like to speculate also. Classify this as YAATR or (Yet Another Apple Tablet Rumor) but investment bank Piper Jaffray recently billed its latest speculation on an Apple Tablet as its “Hot Topic of the Month,” and of course AppleInsider is running with it.

 “The move could take place in the form of an smaller laptop and/or a tablet device using the iPhone’s multi-touch technology,” Sr. Analyst Gene Munster explained in a report issued to client investors. “Although we do not have firm evidence, either product would be a strategic extension of Apple’s current technology base.”

Rob’s thoughts aside, (I can’t wait to see the short video he’s doing on this.) I still believe the way is being paved through developments in the UI for some sort of Touch Tablet from Apple. Whether it happens in the next 4 to 6 months as Piper Jaffray is speculating, who knows.


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