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Apple TV 4 Release Date: 8 Things to Get Excited About



The Apple TV 4 release date is almost here, as the new set-top box rumored to be announced tomorrow during Apple’s iPhone 6s event. Here are eight things to get excited about with the Apple TV 4.

The Apple TV hasn’t been touched by the company since 2012, and that was only a minor refresh for the streaming set-top box, so it’s safe to say that the Apple TV is overdue for an upgrade and it’s expected to arrive very soon.

Luckily, the new Apple TV is said to receive a huge overhaul over the current model that will leave the Apple TV 3 in the the dust, complete with a new design, a new remote, and hopefully an all-new user interface with iOS 9.

Furthermore, gaming could be a big focus with the Apple TV 4, as it’s rumored that Apple wants to target casual gamers the same way that the Nintendo Wii did when it released, making it one of Nintendo’s best-selling consoles of all time. While the Apple TV 4 certainly may not replace your Xbox or PlayStation, it’s possible that the Apple TV could take over living room entertainment as a whole, and offer casual gamers a great platform to play games on their televisions.

The Apple TV 4 announcement will perhaps be the most important announcement that Apple will make tomorrow, as the iPhone is already an established product that goes through the yearly refresh cycle, but the Apple TV is a product that Apple hasn’t focused on in a while, so it will be interesting to see how much effort they put into the announcement of the new model and whether or not the company will make it a huge focus in the future going forward.

However, for now, here are eight things to get excited about with the new Apple TV 4.

New Design

New Design

The Apple TV has kept the same overall "squircle" shape ever since the first Apple TV, and that doesn't look like it will change with the new Apple TV 4.

Rumors suggest that the new Apple TV will keep the same rounded square shape, but will but a bit thicker and wider in order to fit in more components. This means that the Apple TV 4 will likely take up more space in your entertainment center, but it shouldn't be too overbearing.

If anything, the new Apple TV 4 will still be smaller than most boxes in your home theater entertainment system anyway.

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