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Apple TV Case from Waterfield Designs Makes Sense



In the category of things I didn’t expect to see, but now realize makes perfect sense, comes the Apple TV Case from Waterfield Designs. According to Heidi, our contact at the company, they’ve been receiving a lot of requests for this kind of product. So they created it.

I never would have shopped for a case, but now that I see it, I realize that the size and simplicity of the Apple TV makes it a perfect mobile entertainment tool. I even suggested this in my review of the Apple TV over at, but have since plugged it into my entertainment system and haven’t taken it anywhere. Now I wish I had taken mine with me on my recent road trip.

Waterfield Designs Case for Apple TV

The iPad will have wireless mirroring through the Apple TV once iOS 5 is released, which will make it great for presentations on the road. If you have a projector with HDMI, or will be presenting on a TV with HDMI, just bring the Apple TV along, tucked away in one of the Waterfield Designs cases. The Apple TV is much smaller than a PC and gives you the option to make wireless presentations.

The case is small and lightweight at 10″ x 5.75″ x 1″ and won’t add much weight. It has zippered compartments for all of your necessary accessories. The case’s soft, scratch-free interior lining has four pockets designed for the device itself, the two cables and the remote.

If more game developers get into the act, like the makers of Real Racing HD, the Apple TV/iPad 2 combination will make for a killer mobile gaming platform. This case looks small enough that it will fit into one of the great iPad cases that Waterfield Designs makes.

And then you’ll have a compact mobile gaming system ready to take with you.


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