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Apple TV Comcast Deal Reportedly in the Works for Streaming TV Service



Apple is said to be in talks with Comcast to provide a streaming television service for the next-generation Apple TV, according to the Wall Street Journal. The deal would apparently give Apple TV owners the ability to watch a number of Comcast channels and would get special treatment for those already Comcast cable subscribers, such as bypassing internet congestion for the best streaming experience.

This essentially means that Comcast subscribers wouldn’t have to use a traditional set-top box, since the Apple TV would provide all of the channels necessary, thus eliminating the need for a cable box. This goes right along with rumors we’ve heard in the recent past when Apple was reportedly planning to implement a built-in TV tuner in the Apple TV, turning it into a true cable set-top box.

Apple TV

However, this deal appears to be for television streamed over the internet, rather than television coming in through the cable lines, which could make things a bit interesting, but sources say that¬†Apple’s goal is to eliminate any kind of slow internet speeds coming into the home, thus the “special treatment” and making the video quality of the stream the same quality as what Comcast’s normal set-top boxes deliver.

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Of course, this could turn out to be a Herculean task, seeing as how streaming video over the internet is never 100% reliable, but if Apple and Comcast can find a good way to give priority to Apple TV users, it might not end up as bad as it could be. Obviously, this leaves regular Comcast customers questioning whether or not their service will be throttled or some of their bandwidth taken away and given to the priority Apple TV users, but we can’t imagine it’ll be that drastic.

Either way, sources say that a deal is far from being agreed upon, and Apple and Comcast are in the very early stages of discussions, so many details could change and the deal could even fall through, so we’d take this one with a grain of salt until it’s a done deal.

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