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Apple TV Price Drops to $59 in Refurbished Store



The Apple TV received a generous price drop in Apple’s refurbished store yesterday, knocking down the price of the streaming box to a permanent $59 for a refurbished unit.

The Apple TV was in the spotlight momentarily during the company’s Apple Watch event yesterday, as it was announced that HBO’s new streaming service would be coming to the Apple TV exclusively. Furthermore, Apple cut the price of the Apple TV down to $69 brand new in order to compete with the competition.

However, perhaps the biggest news that was hidden behind all of the action yesterday was the inevitable price drop in Apple’s refurbished store, where you can buy an Apple TV for just $59.

This isn’t as big of a discount as we’ve seen in the past, where Apple sold the refurbished Apple TV for $75 while a brand-new one would cost $99, but it’s still a generous $10 discount on a device that’s basically brand new anyway.


There are always pros and cons when buying used electronics. You usually save a ton of money, but it’s at the expense of functionality or looks. There might be a dent in the case or just some general wear and tear, but you can buy it at a discount compared to the price tag of a brand-new one.

There are different levels of “used” though. There’s the traditional meaning of the word “used” in which an owner sells a product that he/she has been using for a certain amount of time, and then there’s “refurbished”, which is when a company takes broken products of theirs and fixes them up to achieve a status that’s close to being new.

Apple has its own online refurbished store where it sells Macs, iPads, iPods, etc. that were once returned by customers in the past because they were at one point defective. However, the company fixes them up and puts a new coat of paint on them before re-selling them at a discounted price.


Arguably, Apple offers some of the best refurbished products around, and that’s because when Apple receives a defective item, they fix what’s wrong with it, and then replace the battery with a brand new one (if it has a battery), as well as replace the entire aluminum shell (or other exterior) with a brand new one. This means that you’re pretty much getting a brand-new product from Apple at a decent discount. Granted, the hardware at one point was defective in some way, but Apple fixes that, so you’re left with a fully functional, good-as-new device.

An Apple TV for $59 is pretty much a steal, considering that it used to cost $99, but it’s been facing a lot of competition.

The Apple TV is going on two years without a refresh, and with so many new streaming boxes released over the last couple of years since the launch of the third-generation Apple TV, many users question if the Apple TV is still as useful when it first released back in 2012. Since that time, we’ve been introduced to a ton of new streaming options, including newer Roku hardware, the Chromecast, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, the new Nexus Player, and more.

If you’re debating about whether or not to buy an Apple TV, it really comes down to how hardcore of an Apple user you are. If you  don’t think you’ll ever use AirPlay, Home Sharing, or any of the other Apple-exclusive features, then it’s probably a safe bet that you really don’t need an Apple TV and can buy another streaming box option instead, but the $59 price tag on the Apple TV is a steal.

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