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Apple Watch Battery Life Could Be Better Than Expected



If you’re worried about Apple Watch battery life, hopefully knowing that the device will come with a low-energy mode to save power and extend battery life will make you feel more optimistic.

The Apple Watch will see the spotlight once again at Apple’s March 9 event, which will take place next week. There are plenty of details that the public doesn’t know  yet, including battery life. We’ve been given hints by Apple and the CEO himself, saying that users will end up charging it every day, but no specifics were given beyond that.

However, according to The New York Times, the Apple Watch will come with a low-energy “power reserve” mode that will allow the Apple Watch to continue displaying only the time on the screen, with no other activities going on.

Apple Watch

Numerous things happening on the smartwatch can quickly drain the battery, like receiving notifications and navigating through apps on the device, but the ultra-low power mode will only show the time on the screen and nothing else, acting like a normal wristwatch, even when the battery is really low.

In any case, Apple CEO Tim Cook says that users will probably need to charge the device every day based on how much you’ll use it, but newer leaked reports suggest that you could get a couple of days out of the battery life with light use.

Still, this is about the same crappy battery life that most other smartwatches on the market are currently getting, and it seems that it’ll be difficult to go a full 24 hours without recharging the Apple Watch.

However, Cook did a great job at spinning bad battery life into a positive when he said that “you’re going to wind up charging it daily” because you’ll use it so much. By this, Cook means that you’ll love using the Apple Watch so much that you’ll end up using it a lot, and because of that, the battery will drain quicker.

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The company announced the Apple Watch back in September at its iPhone 6 event, and it didn’t provide every single detail about the new wearable, which is why March 9 will be the day that Apple will most likely provide more details about the wearable before its official release date hits, which will be at some point in April.

During the event, we expect Apple to provide more details about the price of the Apple Watch, because right now we only know the starting price of $350 for the entry-level model. The price of the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition is unknown, although the Edition could cost several thousands of dollars, as the gold alone could cost Apple around $1,000 per watch.

What’s more to consider is that this is just accounting for the gold and not other parts of the watch, as well as the internals and display. All of that could easily be another couple hundred of dollars. Plus, Apple needs to make a profit off of the Apple Watch Edition and include the standard gold markup cost, so we could easily see the higher-end model sell for several thousands of dollars.

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