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Apple Watch Jailbreak: 6 Things We Want to See



A jailbreak for the iPhone is MIA currently, and the Apple Watch is in the same camp, but here are six things we want to see with an Apple Watch jailbreak if or when it does arrive.

The ability to jailbreak an iPhone has been around for years, almost as long as the iPhone has been around itself. However, an Apple Watch jailbreak would certainly be something new, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it.

We’re quickly approaching the one-year mark of the Apple Watch’s initial release, and while it’s still a relatively new device, many Apple Watch users are no doubt looking forward to an Apple Watch jailbreak, especially since it would allow for more customization on the new wearable.

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While I didn’t buy the Apple Watch right when it released, I did end up getting a pre-owned model on sale and have spent some quality time with it so far. Overall, I really like it, but there are some aspects that would be way better with an Apple Watch jailbreak.

With that said, here are six things we want to see with an Apple Watch jailbreak.

Hide Stock Apps

Just like on the iPhone, there are probably some Apple Watch apps that you’ll never use, like Stocks, Workout, Weather, etc., especially if you use your own third-party Apple Watch apps.

Apple Watch Apps are not up to iPhone level.

However, you can’t hide stock apps on the Apple Watch, which can make the app layout a bit crowded, especially if you have a lot of apps.

The app layout is a bit of a mess anyway, and it can be difficult to find a specific app in the shuffle. I’d much prefer a layout like on iOS where the apps are laid out in a nice grid. Perhaps that would make for a cool jailbreak feature as well.

Change What the Physical Buttons Do

The Apple Watch has two physical buttons (three if you count the spin of the Digital Crown). These buttons have distinct purposes, so if you press the side button, the Friends screen will pop up. If you press the Digital Crown, the app layout appears.

Quickly connect with friends using a tap of the side button on the Apple Watch.

Quickly connect with friends using a tap of the side button on the Apple Watch.

It would be awesome if an Apple Watch jailbreak tweak released that allowed you to change what the buttons do. So for instance, if you don’t like how the side button opens up the Friends screen, you could make the button open up a specific app instead.

Same with the Digital Crown. You could remap the button to another action, preferably to whatever you wanted.

Silence iPhone Alerts Automatically

When you wear your Apple Watch, you’ll obviously get notifications and alerts on your wrist, but if you don’t put your iPhone in silent mode manually, you’ll get those notifications and alerts on both your iPhone and Apple Watch.


It’s usually no problem to switch your iPhone to silent, since you can do so by flipping the physical switch on the side of the device and flipping it back when you’re not wearing your Apple Watch, but a cool feature that would make for a great Apple Watch jailbreak tweak would be the ability to automatically silence your iPhone when you’re wearing your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch already knows when you’re wearing it and when you’re not, so to simply just add on an Activator action to silence/un-silence your iPhone when this happens would likely be pretty easy.

Disable Time Travel and Other Features

Time Travel is a feature on the Apple Watch that allows you to spin the Digital Crown to jump into the future and fast forward the time to see what upcoming events or reminders that you have on tap.

Apple Watch

The only problem with this feature is that you can accidentally enable Time Travel just by spinning the Digital Crown ever so slightly, so it can be annoying at times.

However, an Apple Watch jailbreak tweak could disable Time Travel for those who don’t really use it that much, if at all.

Plus, an Apple Watch jailbreak would allow you to disable other features that you may not use in order to free up room for other actions and features that you would use.

True Third-Party Watch Faces

Apple says that you can create your own custom watch faces in a way, but it’s really not as custom or third-party as they make you believe. There’s a new feature called Complications that allows you to add third-party app features to a watch face, but that’s pretty much the extent of third-party watch faces.

My favorite Apple Watch face shows important information with just a glance.

My favorite Apple Watch face shows important information with just a glance.

With an Apple Watch jailbreak, you would have the ability to install third-party watch faces that other users have created, similar to what Android Wear users get to experience.

Granted, you can get creative with the stock watch faces and upload a photo to give a watch face some personality and such, but users want the ability to be able to fully customize and create all-new watch faces from scratch.

Honestly, if there’s one reason why I want an Apple Watch jailbreak, it’s probably for the custom third-party watch faces.

Use Side Swiping

I feel like there’s a lot on the Apple Watch that isn’t being utilized, specifically swiping to the left or right when the watch face is up.


Swiping in either direction could bring up Glances or other features. Granted swiping up will bring up glances, but this would be a quicker way to access them.

Swiping either left or right could also act as shortcuts to bring up your favorite third-party apps, that way you don’t have to click the digital crown and go hunting for an app that you want to open up.



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  2. Simon

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    really like your articles, they deserve more credit and attention.
    Especially to the JB community

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