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Apple Watch Release Date Details Becoming Clear



If details included in a new report are true, iPhone and iPad users alike can look for the Apple Watch release date to happen sometime this coming March.

The potential Apple Watch release date comes in a report originating from 9to5Mac, an Apple focused website that’s passed on accurate information about other Apple products in the past.

Allegedly, Apple is still working on the Apple Watch’s software. Still the company hopes to finish the device and get it launched in the United States by the end of March. Not that it’s complete confirmation, but this Apple Watch release date does line-up with the goal Apple set of launching Apple Watch early this year.

Apple Watch

Sources that spoke with the media outlet also indicate that Apple has plans for an in-depth training program designed to get works at its retail stores acquainted with the Apple Watch ahead of release. Reportedly, one or two members of each Apple Store’s staff will fly out to different Apple locations to learn about the things the Apple Watch can do. These employees will then head back to their own stores and educate their fellow staff ahead of the Apple Watch release date. If true, this training will take place from February 9th until February 16th. 9to5Mac says that software delays and other issues could complicate Apple’s plans and delay Apple Watch release day.

The report also indicates that Apple has used the time since the Apple Watch announcement to improve wireless charging and streamline the features users can expect from Watch OS, the software that powers the Apple Watch experience.

It makes sense that Apple would fly employees out to educate them about the experiences that the Apple Watch enables. Wearables are a completely new device category for Apple. The company knows smartphones and has produced them for years. Smart watches and wearables fill a different niche. Whereas a smartphone aims to be a computer in your pocket, wearables are designed to blend in and discretely improve your quality of life.

The Apple Watch uses different sensors inside to help wearers keep track of their health. Pressing two fingers on its display allows wearers to check their heart rate. Some users will enjoy being able to sketch small things on the Apple Watch’s display and share them with other people. Texting and messaging are both available from the Apple Watch too – provided users have connected it to an iPhone running a compatible version of iOS. The Apple Watch is the only way owners of the iPhone 5s will be able to use Apple’s relatively new Apple Pay service at restaurants, drug stores and retail locations. That’s because the Apple Watch itself includes an NFC chip that isn’t available in any phones beyond the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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Of course, the Apple Watch will also tell time and let users tailor their device to their personality with different clock faces. For example, Apple’s website shows a watch face for the Apple Watch that resembles the Solar System’s inner and outer planets.

The Apple Watch will come in three different flavors on release date. The first is the simply Apple Watch with a metal band. Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition will complete the lineup. Watch Sport will come with a brightly colored light weight band. The Apple Watch Edition listed on Apple’s website is gold, with an elegant leather strap. To date, Apple has only revealed final pricing for the Apple Watch Sport at $349.99. Presumably, the gold edition could cost more by a pretty large amount. We know that there are different customizable bands and accessories also coming for the Apple Watch. How much they will cost is unclear too.

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