Apple Won’t Take Cash for iPads

The iPad is a hot commodity. So hot in fact that Apple won’t trade iPads for cash. A San Francisco Bay Area woman that lives on a fixed income scratched and saved $600 to buy an iPad. She stuffed it into her backpack and went to the Palo Alto Apple store, which happens to be where I buy a lot of my Apple gear. When she told the salesperson she wanted to pay for her iPad in cash she was told “Sorry, we Don’t Take Cash.”

According to Apple’s iPad sale policy, consumers are limited to two iPads and they must pay with plastic. Gift cards aren’t accepted either. The policy is presumably in place to prevent people from buying iPads in mass quantities and selling them for a profit.

“Mr. Jobs, give a sister a break,” said Diane Campbell.

Now one thing that wasn’t mentioned in the report is that Apple probably did Mrs. Campbell a big favor. She wanted to buy the iPad to surf the Internet and learn more songs to play on her guitar. In the report it’s pointed out that the iPad would be her first computer. The reporter says that the iPad is a perfect fit for Mrs. Campbell because “It’s small, mobile, perfect for her needs.” Of course she wouldn’t be able to actually fire up the iPad unless she had a PC or Mac to synch it to.