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Apple’s AlgoTrim Purchase Tips a Faster, Leaner iOS



If news reports from Sweden are accurate, Apple has purchased AlgoTrim, a Swedish company that optimizes mobile software for smartphones.

The first reports of the buyout came from the news services website Rapidus, and while the purchase of AlgoTrim might not seem like big news for users who already Apple users, the ramifications of the buyout could be huge. That’s because the company’s technology optimizes the software running on mobile phones to allow them to process information faster and reduce the storage footprint of apps. In short, for Apple users the deal could mean an iOS that’s faster and takes up less space.

According to today’s report, the company’s software is already included on smartphones from “several major players.” In 2011 the company’s software shipped on around 100 million phones. Unlike most Apple purchasers, users wouldn’t necessarily have to wait a year or so to reap the benefits of Apple’s buyout of AlgoTrim.

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Apple could be launching the iPhone 5S within two weeks.

Apple could be launching the iPhone 5S within two weeks.

AlgoTrim was actually purchased by a U.S. holdings company Wedgwood Industries LLC this past February. It’s Rapidus’ assertion that Wedgwood is actually a shell company for Apple. While neither Apple nor AlgoTrim have acknowledged the deal, that the company’s head of software development, Anders Holtsberg, moved to within a 15-minute commute of Apple’s headquarters in California in February, does lend the story credence. The publication was able to contact Holtsberg through Apple’s internal switchboard upon which he confirmed that he now worked for Apple, but declined to elaborate any further.

If Holtsberg has been working at Apple since his move to Silicon Valley users could see AlgoTrim’s technology in the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S coming this fall. While each one of those devices could be only evolutionary updates to the hardware that millions of users already have experienced with the iPhone 5, today’s report could indicate that the real innovation to be had with Apple’s latest devices will be how they work with Apple’s iOS.

Apple is holding a press event on September 10th where, its rumored, that the company show off it’s latest mobile devices.

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1 Comment

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