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Apple Releases New iPhone 5 Ads for Thanksgiving



Apple has a pair of new ads that show off features in the iPhone 5 with one that’s themed specifically for Thanksgiving, and another for any time.

The first ad, titled ‘Turkey’ is the Thanksgiving themed ad that shows off the new Shared Photo Stream feature of iOS 6. The ad shows how users can share their photos with other iPhone users from the Camera Roll or Photos app.

The ad shows the iPhone user taking photos or their family at Thanksgiving and sharing the photos with somebody else who apparently couldn’t make it to the dinner. What the ad doesn’t show is the user selecting the friend they’re sharing the photos with, or how the others included in the Photo Stream can add their own comments to the photos.

The second ad, entitled Orchestra, shows off the noise cancellation features of the iPhone 5. The ad shows an orchestra playing a song as the narrator asks the maestro to play quieter. The narrator then explains how the iPhone uses its three microphones to make surrounding noise quieter on phone calls.

Like every recent iPhone ad, both ads only show one small feature of the phone instead of trying to bombard viewers with a plethora of information. Apple’s ads seem to work as the company is still having difficulty keeping up with demand for the iPhone 5. The smartphone is sold out in most stores, and Apple’s website now says a newly-ordered phone will ship in two weeks.

The shipping time is down from previous estimates, but it’s still a long wait for a smartphone. With the holidays fast approaching users who want to buy the iPhone 5 as a gift will want to buy the phone in the near future to ensure that it arrives on time. Otherwise the phone might arrive too late for the holidays.



  1. Da Ge (@dang1970)

    11/22/2012 at 9:32 am

    I hardly come across any iPhones, so I don’t have a way to check right now, but sharing options in that video looks really limited- I saw Photostream, Facebook, Print and Copy- that’s it. My Nexus is able to share on a whole lot of apps,

    • brandnew234

      11/22/2012 at 7:06 pm

      Yea, Apple doesn’t allow apps to be integrated in like Android does.

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