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Are MIDs Still On Target for a Fall Release?



LenovomidFlashback to January 2008. All the talk in the mobile computing space was about Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) that were coming this summer. Jump forward to April 2008 and we got word that Intel was pushing things back until fall. Meanwhile, Apple has released the 3G iPhone, RIM is prepping to unleash the Storm, Nokia just keeps pressing onward, Netbooks (or whatever you call them) have dominated the news, and we haven’t heard much about MIDs in awhile. I’m not sure if this is due to issues within Intel, or if someone decided to get out of the way of Apple and its hype machine for the summer. I suspect more of the former.

Lenovo was supposed to be the first MID out of the chute and that was to be timed for the Olympics in China. That’s just around the corner and we haven’t heard much news on that front.

Check out some of our previous MID coverage here and this interview that Sierra did with Intel’s Pankaj Kedia at CES.

Given Intel’s long range roadmap for the MID, I’m still wondering if we won’t see things pushed back yet again.

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