Are Netbooks for Business?

Netbooks are turning the mobile computing world upside down. With their low price and diminutive size, most everyone is doing a double-take when looking at what their next computer should be. Businesses on a tight budget are no different, and as I can attest to with my own clients, netbooks are getting some serious attention.

TabletKiosk’s Gail Levy has a great article on what business people should consider before taking the leap in to the sea of netbooks. For example, all netbooks come with Windows XP Home, which don’t allow for a domain logon. TabletKiosk’s tablet pcs, though, come with XP Pro or Vista Business which do allow a computer to be joined to a domain. True, it doesn’t take much effort to throw a new operating system on the netbook, but a couple hundred dollars here and there spread over hundreds of installations starts to add up and slowly chip away at those once highly sought after cost savings. Then a business ends up with a computer that really doesn’t fit their needs and ended up costing close what they actually wanted in the first place.

What other issues should businesses take into account as they give netbooks some consideration?