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Are Netbooks the Future of NoteBooks?



James Kendrick points to an interesting column by tech analyist Rob Enderle wherein Rob wonders if Netbooks could be the Notebooks of the future. Rob looks at the strengths and weaknesses of what we are currently seeing released (or are about to see released) and, no surprise, finds Netbooks lacking when it comes to performance and the current flavors of OS choices. Rob suggests that Netbooks need an OS specifically designed for their class, but I don’t see that happening given that one of the key components of the Netbook game focuses on price. I do agree that Netbooks are indeed the “birth of something interesting” on the mobile front. I think we’ll know more about what that “something interesting” is in a year or so. We’re in the middle of the storm with the waters rising here. Once things settle a bit, we’ll have a better chance of knowing what the landscape will look like in the future.

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