Are Teens Texting Too Much? I Think So!

It’s hard to preach it though since my 18-year-old daughter is well above the national average.

On one hand, I think my daughter texts too much, but other the other hand she is saving me money when she texts instead of calling her friends. She is staying within her 2GB data plan and she is only using up about 10% of our minutes. If we didn’t have unlimited texting, I would be in trouble.

According to a recent study about teens and cellphones by OnlineSchools, the average teen texts 3,417 times a month. My daughter is at about 2,500 sent and 2,500 received with a week left in the current month. When they say an average teen texts 3,417 times a month, are they talking about sent and received texts together or only outgoing texts?

How much do you and your family text? I am at about 200 a month and my wife 20-30.

Here is an infographic provided by OnlineSchools that pulls data from Q3 2011 from Neilson.

Some notable numbers are that girls are texting more than boys. This is no surprise. Growing up, girls used the phone to chat with their friends way more than guys. Android is the most popular OS among 18-24 year olds with iPhone coming in at #2.

Texting while Driving? PLEASE DON’T.

I was recently rear ended by a college student in town. I was sitting still at a stop light and when I looked into my rear view mirror, I noticed a car coming and it didn’t look like she was slowing down. I saw that the driver was looking down. While I don’t know for sure if she was texting or reading emails, but I have a good feeling that my life was inconvenienced because of a teen texting while driving. AT&T has a really good campaign urging people not to text and drive. Drivers are already bad enough these days, we don’t need another distraction.