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Are You a “Filer” or a “Piler” in OneNote 2007?



On The OneNote Extensibility & More Blog there is neat discussion into some OneNote thinking by the OneNote PMs. Daniel Escapa is trying to dispel the “myth” that OneNote users are either “filers” or pilers.” According to the post, “pilers” are the folks who just pile all their info in one place and rely on search to find what they need. “Filers,” as the name suggests file their info into the appropriate buckets or files. One of the theories he lays out is that as people begin to share their Notes they develop an organizational structure to facilitate that process.

Me? I’m a piler who files. The majority of the info I compile in OneNote goes into Unfiled Notes and then gets filed later into the structure I’ve set up. How about you?

Good read.

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