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Are you a PC card junkie?



I’ll be honest – I rely heavily on the PC card slot on my Tablet PCs. The flexability of a PC card slot, and now Express Card slots, is something that is greatly underestimated. A quick Google search will yield you a ton of pc cards offering connectivty options, adapter solutions, etc to fit most of your needs.

I carry four  PC cards with me everywhere I go:

1) Verizon EVDO card – plainly put, it gives me internet access just about everywhere without the need of a Wi-Fi hotspot. Granted, the throughput, signal strength, and type of access varies on your location and carrier, but it has become an essential piece of technology for me. Having worked with devices that offer integrated WWAN, I’m beginning to see the wisdom in pluggable solutions like a PC Card or USB device that allow you to use the same account you currently have. The UX180P I used had integrated Cingular. Cingular Edge coverage stinks in my area and just about everywhere else I used it. Thus the value of USB or PC Card / Express card solutions enabling choice and money saving.

2) SanDisk Compact Flash adapter – I have a Nikon camera that uses a compact flash card, so I keep this adapter card with me so I can transfer pictures easily to my Tablet PC. That way, I don’t have to fool with cables and junk.

3) Lacie FireWire card – I use this card when I want to record my video camera directly to my Tablet PC via a Firewire cable. This card supports 2 800 ports and 1 400 port.

4) IO Gear IEEE 1394 FireWire card – I use this for FireWire connectivity for different 1394 devices I have, like this Sony PCGA-DDRW2 DVD+-RW Drive. Most Tablet PCs are coming with 1394 connectivity built in, but amazingly the Fujitsu P1610 doesn’t have it. But – it does have a pc card slot!

What kind of PC cards do you use and what do  you use them for?

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