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Are You Content With Your Mobile Solution?



We spend a lot of time talking about tablet pcs, touch, ultra-portables, connectivity, speech, software tips, notetaking, accessories, and more. In my opinion, the ultimate test of a good mobile solution is if it helps you become more productive in your business / personal life, and solves some real needs. A great mobile solution moves beyond solving initial needs, and helps you interact with your information in tangible, seamless ways. It leaves you scratching your head, saying “Wow, I never knew I could do that” or “I’ve been dreaming of the day that we could do xyz in our company, and now that day is here.”

Is your mobile solution meeting your needs or exceeding them? Did your purchase of tablet technology ( hardware, software, etc) leave you wanting or gasping at the possibilities before you? Are syncing solutions from SugarSync and BeInSync getting you closer to that seamless move between multiple computers or are you still scratching your head due to the complexity? What can the major players / ISVs / aspiring developers in the mobile space do to bring you to the next level of mobile nirvana?

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