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Are You Using That Pen?



Kevin_jkotr_2Kevin Tofel wants to know. Actually he wants to know how often you use your Tablet PC as a Tablet PC. He posted that question on jkOnTheRun yesterday and has gotten an interesting round of feedback. Yes, there are some who say 100% of the time they are using the pen and some for whom the percentage of time with the pen is much lower. Me? It depends on what I’m doing and at what point in my workflow. There are periods of time where I’m almost 100% working with a keyboard, and times I’m using the pen almost exclusively. (Kevin is an 80/20 guy.) It varies depending on the task at hand. Which, as I’ve said a few gazillion times before, is the beauty of Tablet PCs: being able to enter and manipulate data wherever, whenever I need to, and not being limited to having only one input method available. How about you?



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