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Argo Becomes Zune Becomes Viral Becomes…



Zune_player_bigI’ve been resisting posting more on Microsoft’s supposed iPod killer rumors, but now that a viral campaign has been launched (here we go again), Zune Team members are blogging and there is confirmation, I still find the potential of this combined hardware/software/sales approach very interesting. Maybe I’ve just been resisting this because the codename for the project, Argo, is no more and the project name is Zune, and I just didn’t want a post to headline Zune, Zune, Zune, even though that is what annoyingly comes to mind (others think so as well.)

Engadget has offered a What We Know and What Is Still Conjecture post that helps clarify all of they hype a bit. What I am most intrigued about is still in the conjecture column. If this service does allow users to transfer their iTunes purchased music over to the new device (which is a great marketing tool to get customers to switch) then I think this has a real shot. Otherwise, it is just another music service, mobile entertainment device, although certainly a player in the market. But that music switch could move us closer to a convergence that recognizes that the entertainment we buy is ours and should be portable. Real competition would actually ensue, and I venture, be could for everyone involved. Of course, the big key is will that portability allow us to sync with other devices, and how many (let’s not have another silly DRM effort from Microsoft like Microsoft Reader please!) Still too early to tell, but with Microsoft now pulling back some of the curtains, it looks like we’ll be hearing more about this as autumn approaches.

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