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Arlo Security System & Arlo Ultra Upgrade Your Home Security in 2019



The Arlo Security System and new Arlo Ultra 4K security camera are brand new for 2019 and ready to upgrade your home security.

With the Arlo Security System users get a SmartHub, a keyfob to control the system, a siren with red strobe light and a new multipurpose sensor that you can use to keep on top of motion, light, leaks, door openings and more.

Arlo also announced the new Arlo Ultra 4K camera that offers higher resolutions, streaming in 4K, HDR for better image quality and the ability to zoom in on the important motion or event while still delivering a useful image. It includes a year of Arlo Smart with the purchase that covers your other Arlo cameras as well.

The Arlo Security System is coming in the second half of 2019. You can see the system below, including a look at what the multipurpose sensor can do.

“The Arlo Security System will provide consumers the ability to elevate and customize the security measures they deploy to protect their homes or small businesses,” said Pat Collins, senior vice president of Arlo products. “Our new multi-purpose sensor will be a game-changing component of the system. From identifying if a door or window is open, to detecting a leak under the sink, the Multi-Sensor communicates with other Arlo products and certified third-party smart home devices via the Arlo SmartHub, offering an intelligent security solution all managed by the Arlo app.”

The SmartHub is at the center of this system and it uses ArloRF to connect to Arlo cameras, but it also includes ZigBee and Z-Wave, so that it can connect to new Works with Arlo third-party smart home devices like Hue lights, many smart locks and other devices. It can also connect to smart speakers from Bose and Sonos to imitate the sounds of someone being at home with a tv playing, people talking or a dog barking.

The Arlo Ultra delivers 4K streaming, HDR for better images, a spotlight for night mode with color and the ability to zoom in on key events.

The Arlo Ultra delivers 4K streaming, HDR for better images, a spotlight for night mode with color and the ability to zoom in on key events.

The included Arlo Siren is waterproof and ready to be placed outside. You can sound a loud siren and flash a red strobe to deter someone from entering and to alert neighbors.

Another handy feature is the Arlo Remote that lets you easily arm and disarm the system with a keyfob style remote that you can attach to your keys. You can also use two customizable buttons on the Arlo Remote to turn on lights, sound the Arlo Siren in a panic situation or take other actions.

The Arlo Security System arrives in the second half of the year. Pricing is not available yet.

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