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Ars Technica Reviews the Axiotron ModBook



The Axiotron Modbook is the closest thing to an Apple Tablet that’s currently on the market. It finally reached the hands of users after numerous delays and yet it still captured quite a bit of attention. There have been a few reviews published previoulsy, and now Ars Technica takes a crack at the ModBook with a pretty thorough review. The reviewer gives a good rundown on the good and the bad with Apple’s handwriting software, InkWell, which from my very limited use on other Apple products needs some serious work if there is ever going to be a real Apple Tablet. Also intriguing is that there is apparently an issue pairing a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to the Modbook according to the review. In general this is a pretty thorough review, although I don’t think the reviewer, Jacqui Cheng,  has had much prior experience with any of the existing slate Tablet PCs prior to laying hands on the Modbook.


Curiously, Axiotron, hasn’t seen fit yet to make review units available to the sites that have expertise with Tablet PCs. You’d think, given the interest that is there in that market, they’d want to see that happen. But then the Modbook has been on a bumpy road from the beginning.

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