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Aspire One Netbook Video and Official Site Updated


on is featuring a video look at the Acer Aspire One Netbook from Computex Taipei.



Notable items:

  • The model featured is running Linpus Linux Lite and features an easy mode similar to the Eee PC.  The easy mode is split into four areas: Connect, Fun, Work, and Files.
  • Boots in around 23 seconds.  The official site says it is ready to go in 15 seconds.
  • Uses the new 1.6mhz Intel Atom Processor (as expected).
  • The trackpad has split keys on the left and right sides (similar to HP Mininote).

Acer has also updated the official Aspire One site.  Check out the new colors and learn more about how this little buddy can simplify your life.

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