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Asus Abandons Touch for the Eee PC and Heads to the Desktop



Asus continues to make news with the triple E. At a press conference, Asus announced that market research is leading them not to produce a touch screen Asus Eee PC. According to their research, touch screens are not in high demand. Asus also announced plans to move their Linux based low cost approach to the desktop, with the E-DT, a desktop computer sold with a monitor, priced between $200–$300 for a spring 2008 release. The E-Monitor, an all-in-one, will be similar to the iMac and the Dell XPS One, all-in-one’s and priced at $499. As if that wasn’t enough, Asus is also getting into the TV market with the E-TV, that will also include Linux-based functionality. 

Disappointing news about the touch screens. I guess jkkmobile will have to go into business moding the mobile E’s.

via DigiTimes

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