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ASUS avoids self-sabotage, says there is demand for Windows 7 tablets



In an exclusive interview with ASUS product management specialist Julie Cheng, TechRadar reports that the company is receiving requests for tablets running Windows 7 and plans to continue offering the OS as part of their line of tablets. Oh good, because I thought they might want to flush their deal with Microsoft on the EP121 down the drain.

Yes, ASUS, which had already released a couple of touchscreen convertibles running Windows 7, has announced they are standing by the OS as the ASUS Eee Slate EP121 approaches broad release with marketing support from Microsoft. I just saw its Microsoft ad on Pandora today.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s great that ASUS will continue to produce tablets running Windows 7. We certainly need more volume to keep us in the game. But honestly, what else could Cheng have said about the situation? ASUS and Microsoft are in the home stretch for their big launch at this point. It’s not like they can part ways now.

The only question for me is if all those people who say they want Windows tablets will actually buy them now. I’ve noticed a lot of people on other blogs making these claims, while folks like you and me have been buying and using Windows tablets for years. Time for them to join us in putting our money where our mouths are.

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  1. Edmar

    04/01/2011 at 10:12 am

    I’m not sure about the usefulness of a 12″ tablet, regardless of the operating system; it’s just too large. I think a 7″ or 10″ version Windows 7 would offer the best combination of versatility and portability.

  2. ditto_cheah

    04/01/2011 at 2:09 pm

    Hey, we are waiting patiently here in M’sia for this EP121. It usually takes ages for new techs to get to our shores. Like Dell Streak which arrived recently, a little TOO LATE, about a year too LATE. And the Dell Venu Pro which has yet to arrive. The dual-cores smartphones are already here, and DELL like Asus jare just lousy business people. No one would wanna buy expensive obsolete technologies.

    We maybe a 3rd World country, but we do have the taste, money and knowledge to know the difference between being dumped useless outdated devices to brand new ones.

    If this EP121 does not arrive at our shores soon, it’ll lose more than half the market. Other more aggressive and competitive brands like the HTC Flyer, Iconia W500, are already coming in days, not weeks or months.

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