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Asus Eee PC 901 US Prices Set



Not only is there mass product and naming confusion in the ultra-sub-mini-net-low cost notebook market, it looks like we’ll all be working overtime to deal with the different price points. Not only is Engadget reporting news of Dell’s ‘E’, coming in at $299 for its 8.9 inch model, but they’ve also got a report that Asus Eee 901 is going to be prices at $599 in the US for both Windows and Linux versions. The Eee 1000 and 1000H(10inch) looks to come in at $699 and $649 (depending on if it contains a hard drive or not.)


I imagine that this is only going to get more confusing in the early stages of this autumn when these devices really get going. Wouldn’t you love to see these manufacturers decide to get these devices in big boxes? I doubt that will happen given the different price points and the low margins.

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