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Asus Eee PC Tablet PC Netbook Demo Video


on has gotten their hands on a great preview video of what appears to be one of the upcoming Asus Eee PC Tablet PC netbooks.   Asus debuted their T-91 Tablet PC netbooks at CES 2009, and they are expected to be available early this year.   Check out the video to see what Asus is planning.



  1. Dodot

    01/20/2009 at 7:29 am

    Wow, pretty interesting presentation! I hope the final version has most of the features highlighted by this short clip. I am, however, a bit bummed about “smooth handwriting” taking no more than 5 seconds of the promo (although the tail end did show off some features that I assume are pen-driven). Wait, come to think of it, there was no direct mention anywhere of a pen or stylus. Hmm… I hope multi-touch doesn’t relegate pen-centric input to the fringes.

  2. Eric C Rusch Jr

    01/20/2009 at 1:15 pm

    It looked to me, that at least some of these applications were running on windows. I’d love to see if any of them are, or will be available to users of non-Eee Pc Tablets. Some of the photo manipulation software alone would be great to run now.

    Does anyone know of a program that handles photos in such a fun, flashy, touch friendly manner?

  3. Medic

    01/20/2009 at 2:27 pm

    Why wasn’t this all-in-one user interface here already a year ago?

    Many applications have already been shown on other systems as a wow factor. Now Asus has finally put on a thinking cap and bundled the best touch and innking into one operating system. The interface is to die for, for a tablet pc. I hope I can run this on my windows vista on my X60 tablet. Do we know if the the Asus tablet pc is capacative and resistive?

    The only thing missing, which is slowing being shown as a new standard is the multitouch. Would be nice for the photo app option. I do not see this demoed in this video. I also do not see the option to transfer notes to apps such as journal or Onenote. Is there an option to transfer these notes to your mobile?

  4. Osiris

    01/20/2009 at 8:50 pm

    Looking at these nice renders reminds me very distinctly of the LG C1 and P100 series. Those were great lil tablets, why LG never advertised them or put them in more key markets is beyond me, nevertheless glad to see ASUS has come out with something as stylish, thin and no doubt light.

    Interesting take on the touch OS too, those programs dont really strike me as being very professional or cool but they do appear very functional and possible a key to quickly navigating and using small form tablets.

    It would be amazing if this had capacative or multi-touch but you would imagine to keep prices rock bottom its just a resistive…still HP proved you can definitely cram those features into a tablet at a consumer price level.

    The Eee brand definitely has the recognition etc to bring tablets into the mainstream, I just hope they hit the right price point for consumers…and theres a 10″ version which I can mod to run Win7 :)

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