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Asus Eee PC with XP Now Available in Japan



Asus Eee PCI think the Asus Eee PC is quickly becoming the Baskin Robbins of ultra-portable computers. There are quickly going to be so many flavors of this vaunted little device that it will be tough to make a choice, and of course you can even mix your own, the device is so hackable.

If you live in Japan, the Eee PC is now available, but instead of running the Linux OS, it is operating with XP Home. Asus has also added a 4GB SDHC to handle storage chores as well. The Japanese flavor will be called the Eee PC 4G-X. Intriguingly, the price in US dollars will only be $468, not far from the original’s $399 price tag.

I guess the next question will be “would you like that on a waffle or a sugar cone?”

Via Engadget

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