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Asus Is Readying Eee PC 2.0 To Be Unveiled At CES



Asus Eee PCAccording to this report from RegHardware, Asus is readying Eee PC 2.0 and will be unveiling it at an event GBM and others have been invited to. Looks quite intriguing, and you can depend on GBM to bring you the details of the event from CES next week.

Asus itself said it will show off Eee PC 2.0 as CES – it’s already inviting attendees to come to an event it’s co-sponsoring with Intel and US carrier Sprint. The meeting’s focus is WiMax, and while the wireless technology is likely to dominate, the presentation will also include “next-generation mobile solutions (including the next-generation Eee PC)”.

Industry moles maintain the machine will also sport a bigger display ( 8.9” ) – one of the key criticisms of the Eee PC. A larger display would allow the unit to run at a higher native resolution than the current 800 x 480 model, which is fine for the unit’s specialised Linux-based GUI, but less friendly to Windows or standard Linux user interfaces.

Thanks for the link, Gavin.

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